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We operate to a strict safeguarding policy to ensure that everyone has a smashing time at Summer Camp.

All leaders at Summer Camp are DBS checked and are part of or connected to either Hoylake or Bromborough Evangelical Churches.

Campers sleep in dorm rooms, usually of 4 to 6 campers to a room. Girls and Boys’ rooms are in separate corridors, and Leaders have their own rooms.


Summer Camp

We take great care to ensure that medicines and first aid are administered appropriately.

Any medicines and tablets must be in original packaging and clearly labelled with your child’s name and instructions as to their use. Medication of any kind must be handed in at the church during check in. If the medication needs to be with your child (i.e. Inhalers) please make the medical staff aware. Medication will be administered in the presence of or where appropriate by their team leader.


We do expect good behaviour from the children at Summer Camp. We appreciate that they are on holiday and can sometimes be a bit excitable and we expect that. However, we have to advise that persistent bad behaviour can result in a child being sent home after consultation with their parents/guardian. This is only fair so that it does not spoil other children’s holiday. The children who have attended Summer Camp have always shown excellent behaviour and long may it continue! 


Summer Camp Rides

Campers are encouraged to bring a little pocket money with them. Each morning they will be able to buy confectionery from the on-sight tuck shop, though the main spending opportunity is to buy gifts and souvenirs at West Midlands Safari Park. (Remember, all meals and activities are covered in the price of Summer Camp.)

To keep money safe and to ensure that (younger) campers don’t blow all their money on the first day(!), we operate a bank system. Pocket money for the week is handed in on arrival at Hoylake on the first day, and then campers can take out money each day and get the remainder back at the end of the week.